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My name is Thomas Koehler and I started this blog for people like you who are interested in creating and marketing Enhanced E-Books for the publishing industry. Perhaps you stumbled across my blog on google or you found a link somewhere and now are disappointed that you can’t understand a single word I write!

I know that a lot of traffic I get comes from the US and other English-speaking countries, so I wanted to give you at least something valuable to read while you are here!


So here are 3 quick tips on how to reduce uncertainty with your costumers

Since digital products like Enhanced E-Books can’t be looked at or tested in a store like physical products, it’s difficult for such an innovation to break through. More so if it’s a product that is a niche in a niche (classical eBooks still struggle to get seen as established reading medium, especially in Europe). Here are 3 quick tips on how to reduce uncertainty with your costumers:

1. Tell them exactly what they’ll get

When reaching out to people chances are they don’t even know what an Enhanced E-Book is.  You need to be genuine and offer very detailed information on what they will get to help them decide whether the risk is worth it.

Be very precise, especially on the features that are included and how your costumers will benefit from them. Use the categories Audio, Video, Animation and Interaction and go deep. This ensures that people are able to compare your product to others and will help them to decide whether the value they get is high enough to buy.  When having to decide between two or more alternatives in a veil of uncertainty, it’s more likely people are going to buy the product with the most detailed information.

Test your Enhanced E-Books on as many different devices as possible and give a list of compatible devices to your potential costumer. Have fallbacks in place in case videos or animations don’t work with a specific kind of device (especially eReaders which can’t play videos), so that the Enhanced E-Book can still be used without those specific features.  Additionally, make enhancements optional. This helps with compatibility a lot and lets your costumers consume your content in the way they want. 

2. Get your Enhanced E-Book reviewed!

One of the most effective ways to reduce uncertainty is to have other people recommend your product for you. Therefore you need to get people to talk about your Enhanced E-Book in a positive way.

Reviews, ratings on amazon, iBooks and other important online stores  as well as Endorsements from influential people create Social Proof, which will help your costumers to overcome their fears concerning your new product.

How to get reviews, ratings and endorsements? Simply ask, and be generous with free copies, since good critiques can multiply your reach. Plus, there are no costs for shipment or creation of the digital copy of your Enhanced E-Book!

3. Make it easy to test your Enhanced E-Book!

In the beginning I mentioned that digital products can not be tested like physical products. That is only partly true, because there really are ways to offer your readers the possibility to test your Enhanced E-Book beforehand: Demos and Trade fairs.

Demos are trial-versions of your Enhanced E-Book for people that want to try your product before they purchase. There are several possible ways to conceive a demo: It could only comprise of two or three chapters of your eBook or there could be a time limit for testing the application.

Another way to let costumers test your eBook is the Freemium-model, which means to provide the eBook content for free and then charge for additional enhancements. But I am no fan of the latter because of two reasons: Firstly, this would suggest, the technical enhancements are worth more than the actual story; secondly people should be able to test enhancements to reduce uncertainty. Otherwise this step would not solve anything.

You can also use trade fairs.  Just take a tablet or an eReader with you and ask people if they would like to test your Enhanced E-Book.
This is the best way to reduce uncertainty with interested costumers and to get direct feedback! True, this only works for one person at a time, but this will give you so much valuable insights into what your costumers actually like or dislike about the various features of your Enhanced E-Book. So get out there already!

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